Connecting Motivated

Learners with Coding Experts

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For Learners

Are you interested in learning new coding skills for yourself quickly and effectively?
We match you with the right coach and workshop you need to attend in the city you live.

Learn through interactive workshops.

Gain hands-on experience of a particular application.

Take home reusable source codes for your future projects.

Grow your network by meeting new tech-minded people.

Socialize and have fun.

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For Coaches

Have you ever implemented a project as a developer and wanted to share it with people?
Finding the right people to mentor is really time-consuming and costly.

Save time to find the right people to mentor.

Share the project you built with the people nearby.

Give back to the community while making extra income.

Help people learn something new.

Socialize and have fun.

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Who are we?


We are FastCoach. We match motivated learners with the right coding experts.

Our Approach

The only thing you need to do is telling us what you need and we take care of the rest as shown below.


Assess learners/coaches

We ask about 10-15 questions to both learners and coaches to get to know them better.


Match learners with coaches

We match learners with the right coach based on their level and interest.


Schedule workshops nearby

We reserve a place for a workshop where those learners and coaches can get together.


You learn things faster.              


You pay for what you need.          


You learn with hands-on experience.

Project Oriented

You develop a specific application.

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